Friday, May 26, 2017

My 7 Best Memorial Day Salads for BBQ's

What a beautiful presentation for a party. Love this salad!

Memorial Day and BBQ's seem to go hand in hand.

I've rounded up eight of my best salad suggestions for the occasion that will work for your vegetarian, vegan , and gluten free friends!

Whether you are the host or the guest, you may be making a salad to serve or to bring.

I love all of these whole food salads. They are easy to make, beautiful to serve, tasty and nutritious. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Asian coleslaw

Asian Slaw Salad- This is one of our favorites, and it is perfect for a crowd.
Easy to make and very tasty, everyone will love this holiday slaw classic. ( vegan 

Kale and Blueberry Salad- Kale is all the rage and it should be. After all, it's highly nutritious, hardy, looks appealing and holds up well in salads. I love it combined with sweet blueberries and this creamy orange dressing ( vegan) . 

Quinoa Lovers Salad- If you are looking for a salad to provide a little protein, then quinoa has you covered. This delightful salad is tossed with fresh spinach, oranges and roasted beets. - delish and Vegan

Skinny Potato Salad ( made with Cauliflower)- Everyone loves potato salad, but not the carbs! This tasty look alike can fool even the most discerning. Substitutes cooked cauliflower for potatoes

Waldorf Broccoli Slaw- Easy and delicious. Open a bag of broccoli slaw and mix with fresh apple chunks, cashews, and a few other ingredients for a lovely low calorie side. ( vegan) 

Green Bean with Balsamic Reduction- Balsamic reduction is easy to make and provides a thicker sweeter balsamic sauce for your green beans. Top with feta if you like. Vegan

Avocado Caprese Salad ( vegan)- This is the vegan version of Caprese Salad made by substituting avocado for mozzarella. Makes a beautiful presentation and there will not be a morsel left over.

Need a vegetarian burger? 
 Quinoa Patties ( vegetarian) 

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Beets are Easy To Make With This Method

When was the last time you made fresh red beets?

They are really easy to make and there is no need to struggle with peeling them.

I simply wash and steam with the skin on. After the beets are steamed, the skin easily rubs right off.

Once they are cooked, you can cut them up and eat them plain, you can add celery, and spices, or garlic and lemon juice. 

Sometimes I make the golden yellow beets into a beet and apple salad or a red beet and orange salad

They are worth making because they are rich in nutrients and very cleansing. 
my mother in law, me, and my sister in law

I invited my mother in law for dinner. She loves fresh home cooked beets, but doesn't take the time to make them for one person anymore- herself. So, I decided to make them as a side with our dinner. 

Fresh Beets before Cooking 

I bought a bunch of 4 large organic red beets with their greens at our local supermarket. 
I separated the beets from the greens, washed them well, and without peeling them I steamed them using my little steamer basket.

I forgot to take a photo of the beets in the steamer basket, but here is a photo of some artichokes I steamed.

When they were done steaming, I simply rinsed them under cold water, and rubbed off the peel in seconds. I then cut the beets into chunks and served.

 They were sweet, tender, and absolutely delicious. It was very easy- but wear gloves or your fingers and hands will be totally red!!

Cook the beet greens too- healthy & delicious

Don't discard the beet greens,. I also cooked the beet greens that I cut off the bunch of beets.
The greens are tender and delicious.

Made from 6 beets: toss the beet greens in garlic, fresh juice from a lime

Made from 3 beets: Or just toss in some lemon juice

How to cook the beet greens: 

Simply wash them, trim the end of the stems a little if they are very tough, and slice the greens and stems. Then heat  a large skillet that is sprayed with olive oil, toss the beets into the hot pan and stir consistently until well wilted and the stems are a little soft. It should just take minutes!
Just before removing from the skillet, squeeze fresh lemon juice on top and give a final stir. 
It is so delicious, you will wish you had more.

Of course that is the problem. The beet greens will cook down and there will only be one serving. 


Beets are healthy full of fiber, iron content, antioxidants, etc. 

So, when you are looking for a vegetable to make for dinner- don't forget about beets!!

Simple Steamed Beets
3 large organic red beets, washed but not peeled
Boiling water 

Place a small steamer basket in a large pot. Place beets in the basket. Add boiling water to meet the steamer basket and steam covered until the beets are tender and you under you can stick a knife through the beets with no resistance. ( Be careful that the water doesn't evaporate and then your beets will burn. Check frequently as you may need to replace the boiling water at least once) 
Using a large spoon , remove beets , put under cold water so you can handle them, gently rub off the skin ( it will come right off) and cut into chunks. 

Simple Sauteed Beet Greens

Beet greens
3 cloves garlic, chopped or pressed 
1 Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
Himalayan salt to taste

Spray a large skillet with olive oil spray. Use a high heat. Add garlic stir a little and then add your greens and salt. Stir around untils greens and stems are soft. Squeeze a little lemon juice on top of the greens and cook for 20 seconds more. Remove and serve.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Eggplant with Mushrooms, Peppers, and Tomatoes

Looking for an healthy low calorie/low carb vegetable side dish?
Everyone really enjoyed this simple eggplant medley at a family dinner the other night. 

We eat a cooked vegetable every night with dinner, but I usually make an isolated vegetable like just string beans, beets, or zucchini. Tonight, I decided to make a quick and easy vegetable stew using eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers and cherry tomatoes.

It took only about 20 minutes to cook,  but it tasted really special. 

I've been on an eggplant kick lately. Last week I made my chunky eggplant sauce for zucchini pasta. This week I felt like having eggplant, but I did not want it to be a strong tomato base.  So, I just cooked up the four vegetables in a saucepan until the eggplant was tender. The mushrooms gave off just enough liquid to make it a little bit saucy like what I'm calling a stew.

We ate it as a side dish; If you add cooked chickpeas to it, it could be a vegan entree. 
Regardless, of course "my stew" meets gluten free, vegan, and Paleo standards.

I only used one of the eggplants for this recipe

There is not much to say except that this overly simple recipe was tasty, nutritious, and easy! 
End of story.

This recipe serves four as a side.

Author: Judee Algazi from Gluten Free A-Z Blog
Prep: 10-15 minutes ( depends how fast you peel and cut) 
Cook Time: 20 minutes

1 large eggplant, peeled and chopped into chunks
6 mini red or yellow peppers ( or 1 regular red or yellow pepper) , chopped or sliced 
4 cloves garlic , pressed or chopped 
15 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
8 whole white mushrooms, sliced
olive oil spray
optional: add a little kick with some ground red pepper


Spray a 6 quart saucepan with olive oil spray. Add the garlic, chopped peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Sautee for 1 minute and add the chunks of eggplant. Spray the eggplant with olive oil spray and toss with the other vegetables in the pot. Cook covered on low, stirring frequently. After about 10 minutes add the sliced mushrooms and continue to cook and stir until the eggplant is tender. Remove and serve. 

My Notes: 
1. You could eat this over Basmati rice
2. Add cooked chickpeas to make it an entree
3. It was delicious just the way it is

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

gluten free red lentil soup

Red Lentils (available at Trader Joes and most supermarkets) look kind of orange when raw, cook up quickly, and make a delicious soup that is full of flavor.

red lentils

I was first introduced to this unique red lentil many years ago by my (then new to America) mother-in-law who made these lentils which she called "aatz" quite frequently to feed her family of seven on a very tight budget. Her mother 
( photo below) had ten children to feed.

 I call it the never ending soup because the longer it sits, the thicker it gets and we always need to add more broth to leftovers when we heat it up the next day. It stretches and stretches ! 

I am delighted with many of my mother in laws ethnic recipes because they are naturally gluten free and vegan!

man's photo
My Husband's Grandfather with a Fez on his head in the early 1900's 
Grandmother raised 10 kids 

Last summer I made a kohlrabi and red lentil soup that was also delicious, but had entirely different ingredients than this Turkish soup. If you get kohlrabi from your CSA this summer- try this soup ( pin it) 

Years ago, I could only find these bags of dried lentils in Middle Eastern or Indian grocery stores. However, today I see them in the most health food stores and supermarkets.. 

What I didn't know was that lentils are full of health protecting antioxidants. 


Why are antioxidants  important? 

"Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other conditions." - Web MD

Antioxidants are only found in plant based foods - like fruit, vegetables, spices. herbs and beans
Lentils are high in antioxidants. 

Remember, not only are we looking for food that tastes good, we are looking for food that fuels our energy, protect us from disease, and provides substantial fiber for stabilizing blood sugar and easy elimination.

Eat as many different colored  fruit ,vegetables and spices as you can. Each color has a unique role is providing protection to cells. 

Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables contain carotanoids which protect eye health, 

This soup contains lots of 
antioxidants, fiber & vitamins and minerals

red lentils- protein, fiber, antioxidants, high levels of folate, vitamins, minerals

carrots- high in betacarotene and carotenoid ( antioxidant) which the body converts to Vit A

garlic-powerful antioxidant that has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and antiviral properties

cumin- high in antioxidants

turmeric - helps with inflammation 

tomato paste - loaded with lycopene ( purchase organic in cans not lined with BPA) which may be protective for the prostate

This naturally gluten free soup takes only 10 minutes to prep and twenty five minutes to cook.  It's so fast and easy, you can start it when you get home from work and enjoy a hot nourishing bowl of homemade soup by the time you change your clothes and set the table!


Author: Judee Algazi @glutenfree A-Z Blog
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes


1 and 1/2 cups of red lentils, picked over and washed well
5 cup boiling water 
3 cups of vegetable broth
1 cup of sliced carrots
4 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of organic tomato paste or 2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes - see note #3 below
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
pinch or more to taste of red chili pepper
1/2 teaspoon of cumin + 1/2 teaspoon of cumin
fresh lemon juice


Place red lentils in a 8 quart sauce or soup pan. Add boiling water, sliced carrots, garlic, tomato paste turmeric and stir well. Cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes until lentils begin to soften. Add the 3 cups of flavorful heated vegetable broth, chili pepper and 1/2 t of cumin , stir well and continue cook for another 10 minutes covered. When lentils and carrots are soft, it's ready to serve. Taste and add additional cumin if desired. We like to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into each bowl before serving.

My Notes: 

1. When the soup is done,  top with a tablespoon or more of Basmati Rice, quinoa, or GF noodles if desired or it can be enjoyed just the way it is.

2.  This soup thickens the longer it sits, add some broth before reheating leftovers.

3. ****If you use fresh tomatoes instead of the tomato paste, sautee your tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, and cumin in a little olive oil or ghee and then add  your red lentils and follow directions. 

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Gluten Free Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Do you need a good gluten free recipe for Mother's Day breakfast or brunch? Even if you are not gluten free yourself, if you are having guests there is a good chance that someone will be gluten free. I've assembled a variety of gluten free ideas that could be eaten for breakfast or for a brunch.

Eggs are gluten free. 

Eggs right from the carton are gluten free.
You can make almost any kind of omelette using fresh eggs, vegetables, and real cheese.
You could try my recipes for :

Mushroom, Cilantro ( and feta) Omelet- tasty Greek style omelet

NoNa's Zucchini Quiche for Brunch - This is made in a large rectangular pan and serves about 8 easily especially if you have other food for brunch. Easy to make with step by step tutorial- Can be made in advance

Zucchini, Red Pepper Rings, and Spinach Quiche- Another easy quiche, but this one is very colorful and makes a pretty presentation. Can be made in advance

Marvelous Mini Crustless Quiches- perfect to keep in the freezer and pop out anytime you need a snack. These can be made in advance.

Tomato and Egg Shakshookah ; - A Middle Eastern recipe with eggs cooked in salsa ingredients. 

How to cook eggs for a crowd- Some great ideas for cooking fried eggs in muffin tins- how to hard boil eggs in the oven, and how to steam your eggs for easy peeling.

Oatmeal Must be labeled Gluten Free
Here are three very tasty ideas that you can make using Gluten Free Oatmeal. Technically, oats are gluten free but because of cross pollination when they grow near wheat and processing oats in the same facilities as wheat, only oats that say Gluten Free are safe for most people. I get my gluten free oats at Trader Joe's in a large bag that is very reasonably priced.

The following 3 recipes are perfect for breakfast:

 Raisin Oatmeal Cookies - Sweetened with bananas only - makes great breakfast take along for kids. Or add chocolate chips for a more snack like treat.

Blackberry Refrigerator Oatmeal ( Weight Watchers Style)
- Make ahead overnight oatmeal that provides a healthy breakfast and is ready for you whenever you wake up. Smooth, creamy, and healthy. This is really good and can be made in advance and looks so pretty.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes
- Put gluten free oats in the blender to make flour and make these tasty and healthy pancakes.

Muffins, Cookies, Pudding ( no added sugar) 

Blueberry Muffin in a Mug for one

Cherry Berry Mug Muffin- These are made with chia seeds and the cherry's taste amazing

Key Lime Puddingmade in 5 minutes with avocado- creamy and delicious

Friday, May 12, 2017

How to Get More Done

We all want to eat healthy meals, exercise, feel stress free etc. But good self care takes planning, prep , organization and time. It's all about reaching our goals with a timeline and a deadline.

I had a productive morning, and I want to share how and why. 
There are so many things I usually want to do in my day,  but sometimes I just don't get to them. 
Sometimes, it's because I reason myself out of it without even trying. I think I won't have time or I just get off my timeline.

For example, I look around and realize that I want to clean out a closet, cook a healthy dinner, eat a healthy breakfast, prep salads for lunches, exercise,  etc.

I hope to get to it all, but I sometimes get distracted because I check my emails, I get involved in a phone conversation, don't have what I need in the house and have to run to the grocery store, get up too late and then have other commitments. Or I think - I just don't have enough time! 

Yes, there are lots of reasons that I get off track from my goals. Most of the reason stem from poor planning on my part. Actually, today I found out that I can tackle a lot in less than an hour.

I once read that a goal without a plan and a deadline is really a dream! 

Today I had a VERY productive morning. The reason: I had a timeline and a deadline
I had someone coming to clean, so I knew I had to cook early in the AM or I would be messing up the kitchen after the fact.  I planned what I could do before she arrived. 
I was surprised that by 9:00 I had finished everything I wanted to complete including my one hour of exercise. The cleaning service arrived at 9:15. When she leaves, I won't have to mess up the kitchen with cooking. It can be done!!!

6:35 AM 

Upon Waking: glass of freshly squeezed lemon in a tall glass of water ( rinsed my mouth afterward from the lemon- too acidic)

Laid out my clothes for the day

6:45 AM- 7:40 AM
Look What I Accomplished in Just 55 Minutes
  1.  I Threw in a load of wash, and when it finished popped the clothes into the dryer
  2.  Made a pot of power broth enough for two of us for two days 
  3.  Prepared My Make Ahead Mason Jar Salads and filled 4 Mason jars for the next four days of lunches for two
  4.  Spiralized 2 large organic zucchini to stir fry for dinner tonight with some eggplant sauce
  5.  Brewed a 64 ounce pot of my Sunrider Cali  herbal tea and mixed in my Fortune Delight package  too to drink throughout the day

7:40 AM- met a friend to walk for one hour

8:45 -9:00- Showered and dressed

9:00- DONE!!!

My paternal grandmother was a very structured woman. She lived to be 107 years old and was self sufficient until about 98. She then moved in with her daughter and continued to be an active person. 

In her retired years, Bubbie, as we called her, had a daily routine. She got up early, cooked, cleaned, and did wash all before 10:00 AM . Then she showered, put her hair in a bun, always put in her pearl earrings, got dressed, and then relaxed the rest of the day. I think she was on to something.

Do you plan your day? Are you a procrastinator? What works for you? Share some self care tips!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cherry Chia Pudding Fills Me Up Not Out

This cherry pudding is a vegan, gluten free, low sugar dessert ( uses a Tablespoon of honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar)  and is made with chia seeds. If you didn't already know, chia seeds are really good for you. And , they fill you up, not out.

They are very high in fiber and contain a variety of nutrients including generous amounts of Omega 3's , iron, and calcium. This easy dessert is one way you can add this powerhouse food to your diet!!

Got frozen cherries (or any kind of berries)
 The tiny extremely healthy chia seed gives off a glutinous gel that makes a delicious satisfying pudding that you can assemble in under 2 minutes.

Once the basic chia pudding ( without the fruit) is assembled, the mixture needs to be poured into containers and chilled for a minimum of 3 hours or preferably overnight to form the pudding. I then make the cherry puree in the blender ( cherries and banana) and layer the fruit mixture with the firmer  chilled pudding.

                          I made this cherry puree with frozen cherries and ripe banana blended in the blender for 1 minute.

For this recipe, I mixed frozen cherries, frozen bananas , vanilla extract, chia seeds, and coconut milk; the results were powerful. I knew I would like the combination because I've always loved cherry vanilla ice cream.

Use any kind of fruit you like 

Do you prefer strawberries, blueberries, mango, peach or kiwi ? You can use any kind of fruit for this recipe. I chose cherry because it's available frozen and organic. That's a winning combination for me.

I've also seen some chia pudding recipes call for grated carrot, raisins, or dried cranberries.

You can make layers of fruit puree and alternate your container with a layer of cold chia pudding and then a layer of fruit puree that you make in the blender.

Since the pudding is so good for you, you could eat it for breakfast or as a snack.

The Recipe: 

Author: Judee Algazi@Gluten Free A-Z Blog
Prep Time: 5-10  minutes
Chill Time: 3 hours or more

Ingredients for pudding:

31/2  Tablespoons of organic chia seeds
1 cup of vanilla unsweetened coconut milk
1 Tablespoon of honey, maple syrup, or coconut crystals.

Mix the chia seeds and sweetener into the coconut milk. Stir and allow to sit for a few minutes. Pour into containers half way. Place in the refrigerator to chill for 3 hours or overnight.

How to make the puree: 

Place about 10 cherries into the blender with 6 slices of ripe banana. Blend until smooth. Spoon on top of the Individual chilled and firm pudding cups.

Chill the chia pudding before adding the cherry puree

I've listed the many of the extraordinary benefits of eating chia seeds in my previous blog post titled,
" Why I eat chia seeds everyday." The one benefit of chia seeds that is most important to me is the high level of Omega 3. Did you know that chia seeds have more Omega 3 than a piece of  salmon which is a leader in Omega 3's?

Why is the Omega 3 in Chia Seeds So Important? 
Our bodies are not able to produce omega 3's, therefore we must get these essential fatty acids from the food we eat. There are a number of animal foods that are high in Omega 3. Chia seeds are one of the great vegetarian/vegan sources. 

Where to Buy Chia Seeds
Chia seeds can be purchased in most health food stores, Whole Foods store, or ordered easily  and may be less expensive  on Amazon  Chia seeds. I like to buy organic. They are a little more expensive but worth it because one bag last me all year

If you would like to learn more about chia seeds or to see the foods that are highest in Omega 3's, Dr Axe has written an entire article about Omega 3. I think that Dr. Axe is a great source of information for just about anything that is health related. Here is a link to his for Omerga 3 site.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for Amazon. If you buy something after clicking on a link from my blog, I will receive a small compensation which helps defray my costs of running a blog. I appreciate your support.

My notes: 
1. chia seeds are very high in fiber- check with your doctor before feeding to a baby

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spicy Kale Chips for Cinco de Mayo

It's ( almost)  Cinco de Mayo, and I'm thinking Mexican and spicy. 
Every year I try to think of one recipe that I could make for this celebration! 
This year I'm turning my traditional kale chips into spicy ones. Yum!

When was the last time that you made kale chips?
If never, now is the time to try. These chips are tasty, so easy to make, and super nutritious!
This crispy naturally gluten free vegan snack  may be the easiest and only way to get your family to eat this healthy vegetable. We all talk about wanting to eat more leafy greens; this is just another way to eat your greens!

Do they have to be spicy? NO!!1

Since kale chips can be seasoned any way that you want to season them,
 I decided to make mine with a little kick using Mexican spices in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
But you don't have to- you can season them any way you like.

I thought of the idea last night, when I attended a vegan/ gluten free potluck dinner.
There were lots of delicious entrees, sides, salads, and healthy desserts. 

I made a simple roasted beet dish with parsley and sprouts and also sauteed the beet greens in garlic and lime juice. 

Cut up Roasted Beets in a bowl tossed with sprouts and orange juice

The host demonstrated how to make a grated beet, jerusalem artichoke, apple ,and carrot raw salad in a ginger dressing that was really good.

 One of the women made a bowl of kale chips flavored with Indian garam masala spice. I LOVED it!

 I asked her how she made it. I followed her instructions but changed the spices for this recipe.

What did I make last year for Cinco de Mayo?

Spicy Kale Chips

Author: Judee@gluten free A-Z Blog
Prep Time: 10-15 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes 
Makes: 1 large cereal bowl

1 large bunch of Kale, washed  and dried well, de-stemmed, and torn into pieces
1 Tablespoon of olive oil 
Himalayan salt to taste
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon chili powder

Preheat oven to 300 degrees
Cover a rimmed cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Rub the kale with the olive oil and massage the pieces of kale with your fingers to soften it. 
Place the pieces on the cookie sheet. 
Mix the cumin and chili powder together and then sprinkle it lightly over the kale. ( No need to use it all- go according to your taste)
Bake for 10 minutes and then turn with a spatula and bake another 15 minutes. 
Should be crispy but never burned.

You can change the seasoning; 
1. Salt only 
2. Salt and Pepper 
3. Garlic Powder 
4. Garam masala
5. Your choice

My Previous Cinco De Mayo Recipes:

2012 Cinco De Mayo Recipe: Marinated Artichoke and Tomato Salad ( vegan)

2013 Cinco De Mayo Recipe: Mexican Corn and Bean Bake ( Vegan)

2014 Cinco De Mayo Recipe: Mango Salsa ( vegan)

2105 Cinco De Mayo Recipe: Avocado Caprese Appetizer ( Vegan)

Have a happy day!!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Holistic Awareness News 
This week I have been listening to the Food Revolution Summit- 
It's free and videos can be re-watched for 24 hours from the time they aired. 

So far I listened to four interviews- two of which blew me away. There are 3 daily through May 7

You can join the summit for free - from April 29-May 7

Dr Shiva was amazing- I highly recommend you hear her interview ( she can be listened to until 11:00 am on Tuesday morning) . I originally did not think I wanted to hear her, but she brought my knowledge about how our food is being grown why we should be concerned big time! Excellent scientific info about how we are loosing our " Food Choosing Freedom" - very insightful.. 
Vandana Shiva, 
Ph.D - Seeds of Hope & Justice
Dr. Vandana Shiva is director of the Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology, and author of many bestselling books, including Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis. She is founder of Navdanya (nine seeds), a movement promoting diversity and use of native seeds, and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, often called “The Alternative Nobel Prize.” Forbes named her “one of the 7 most influential feminists in the world,” and Time selected her as an “environmental hero.” You’ll discover the stunning global impact of GMOs and industrialized agriculture – and you’ll find out how we can build a more just and sustainable future.

Kelly Turner, Ph.D

The Truth about Radical Remissions from Cancer

Interview Details

Speaker: Kelly Turner, Ph.D
 4/30, 2017 8AM PDT

Dr. Kelly's work is very inspiring - she is no longer available to watch her interview for free, but it can be purchased. Or see some of her Youtubes. 

Dr. Kelly Turner is the New York Times bestselling author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, and the founder of the Radical Remission Project, which is a research website that documents and studies radical remissions. She has studied more than 1,500 cases of people who have defied a serious or even terminal cancer diagnosis with a complete reversal of the disease – either without conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine has done all it can. Kelly found 9 key factors that nearly all Radical Remissions have in common, and in her interview, you’ll find out what they are and how you may be able to benefit from applying them, whether or not you currently face cancer.