Friday, November 21, 2014

Flu Fighting Soup

vegan bowl of soup for fighting the flu

You don't have to have the flu to enjoy a bowl of this delicious soup. However during cold and flu season ,  we can help boost our immunity with the antioxidants in soups like this.  So I might eat this soup to help prevent the flu. 

What is the secret ingredient? 

Cabbage is thought to be a cancer fighting vegetable that is also rich in vitamin C and other protective antioxidants. Vitamin C is the key ingredient in fighting of colds and flu! Combined with onions and garlic ( which have their own strong medicinal anti flu qualities) this soup is potent!

Aside from the medicinal benefits, I started with a cabbage base because cabbage can be very extremely flavorful, especially in a soup. This simple vegetarian/vegan gluten free cabbage vegetable soup is mild and comforting on a cold night. Perhaps the perfect choice for cold and flu season .

Onions and garlic are essential in the winter
Most people don't realize how essential it is to add onions and garlic to their diet in the winter ( and all year round). Onions and garlic contain infection fighting phytochemicals and help Vitamin C absorption.

Except for the carrots and parsley, most of the vegetables selected for this soup were white: white cabbage, white onion, white garlic,  white potato and celery. making it a very light clear and appealing soup. I like to add a little turmeric powder when the soup is done cooking for some extra antioxidants and to give the soup a little lemony looking color.

My husband bought a small head of white cabbage the other day. We usually make some sort of coleslaw or salad with it, but the weather had turned cold so quickly, we decided to make this soup. It came out great! flu season or not, this soup is delicious!

This time of the year, I can't get enough soup. I find that soups are easy to make, warming, satisfying and filling. There is such a wide variety of vegetables that you can incorporate into your soups which helps boost immunity and nutrition. Scroll to the bottom of this post for some of my other easy and healthy soup recipes. Of course all of my recipes meet gluten free, vegetarian/vegan and real food standards.

Author: Judee Algazi
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes

Serving Size: Makes 4 full cups or 2 large bowls

3 cups of chopped cabbage
1 medium onion, chopped
3 ribs of celery , chopped
3 medium carrots , chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
Optional: 1 potato, chopped ( I leave it out because I don't want the carbs)
4 cups of good tasting vegetable broth ( or chicken broth is you are not vegetarian)
2 cups water
1 tablespoon of herbal salt free seasoning ( I use 21 Salute from Trader Joe's)
Optional : 1/4 teaspoon on turmeric to add color and antioxidants at the end
2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil ( I used olive)

Using a 4 qt pot or larger, slowly saute onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and potato ( if using) in the oil for about 5 minutes to soften the vegetables. Add vegetable broth, water, and chopped cabbage and seasonings. Cook for about 1/2 hour until the cabbage is soft. Add the turmeric ( if desired) at the end when the soup is done.

vegetable soup with turmeric
My Notes: 
Disclaimer: The information in my blog posts is for educational purposes only. Always follow your doctor's advice if you have the cold or flu. 

Got More Cabbage? Make this fabulous Asian Peanut Coleslaw 

asian coleslaw with peanut dressing

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  1. Mmmmmm another tasty soup recipe! This one sounds so comforting, and I love the idea of adding tumeric at the end for its powerful anti inflammatory properties

    1. Jen,
      I am on a soup kick! It's gotten so cold. It's amazing how many wonderful different types of soup there are, and yes I love to use turmeric

  2. I love a good cabbage soup and this one does look like a good cure-all for the winter season. ;-) Thanks for sharing it with Souper Sundays this week.

  3. G'day Looks great and hope it works! All blog comments appreciated and sharing is caring today!
    Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List #SayGdayParty pinned

  4. As I am fighting a cold right now I definitely could use this soup!

  5. Hi Judee, Thank you for the soup recipe. It will be good to have during cold season. Pinned.

  6. This sounds like a fantastic soup for this time of year. Pinned. Thanks for bringing this to Weekend Bites. We will be live tonight 8:30 EST. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  8. Congratulations!
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    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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