31 Days

          31 Days To Better Health- My Daily Index

Day 1 : Introduction Welcome to my 31 Days

Day 2:  Three Minute Stress Busters-  relax,release,rejuvenate right now

Day 3:  Why Americans are addicted to Junk Food- It's not your fault- new findings

Day 4: How I lose weight with homemade soup (plus 8 vegan homemade soup recipes)

Day 5 : Italian Cauliflower and White Bean Soup

Day 6:  Stuffed Eggplant and quinoa

Day 7:  Pumpkin Pie Soup

Day 8 

I am participating in this 31 Day Challenge with well over a thousand other bloggers. If you are interested in seeing the topics of the other participants, visit the host at  The Nester to see all the bloggers and their 31 Day Ideas which range from decorating, health, poetry, just about anything!! 

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